• The students of SCAD INSUTRIAL TRAINING INSITUTE shall follow strict discipline and code of conduct. If they fail to follow directions of the Principal, they are liable to prescribed actions that are laid out in the ITI Code of Conduct for the students.
  • The ITI conducts regular assembly every Monday and Friday at 8.30 am to help the students develop character, wholesome personality, personal ethics and orderly behavior of students in the society at large. Important announcements shall be made in these assembly sessions. Students cannot plead ignorance of such announcements, unless any student was absent on that day. All students and staff members are required to attend the same without fail.
  • Students are strongly advised not to miss any lectures, without justified reasons and are permitted by the Trade Instructor and Principal to do so. Eighty Percentage attendance is mandatory for appearing for the semester examinations. Those who fall below the prescribed attendance will not be permitted to appear for the semester examinations.
  • The following leave can be availed by students, if necessary and upon prior consent from the Principal.
    • Institute Leave
    • On- Duty Leave
    • Medical Leave

Application for leave should be submitted to the Trade Instructor through the class advisor at least two days in advance.

The students shall respect and their teachers and behave with reverence and order.